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Peace, Love, and Paddleboarding

It's strange how the brain works. I'm sitting in the AirBnB we're sharing at the Oregon Coast while my infant's napping. You'd think my blog would have something to do with the beach, which it's mention. My mind, however, has its sights set on our family lake day a couple of weeks ago.

My husband's family is very big so there were lots of people running around and making noise. I had June on my lap in our little beach tent to try and get her to be calm and not get fussy (which didn't work). This week had been a rough go around with family in town, lots of late nights, and all the kiddos getting sick so she wasn't herself that day. She wasn't sure whether she wanted to be away from me or not but she had to at least be touching me or she'd freak out. With that, I was exhausted, overstimulated, and drained.

There was a brief moment where June had been distracted by her 6 year old cousin and was happy. My sister in law asked if I wanted to head out to swim or go on the paddle board while she watched the baby. I grabbed the paddle board and got my way out til I was by myself. It was peaceful. It was quiet. It was calm. I sat out there thinking to myself: "It's so quiet out here, it's kind of eerie."

That's when my thoughts started going. Why did it freak me out?! Pondering, I realized my whole day from sun up to sun down is filled with noise. From my TV, my dogs, my kids, the car, my thoughts, etc. Even when I sleep, I have to have a fan going for white noise or I can't sleep. I feel like that's pretty normal, but I had become so used to the noise that the sound of silence, peace, and the tranquility of the lake kind of frightened me.

We as a society have become so accustomed to noise. Loud noise, background noise, white noise, you name it. It's how we function, there's little you can do to stop it. The thing is, we shouldn't become so attached to it that peace seems like a lonely, scary concept. We need peace to re-center, recharge, and rejuvenate us. It's needed to clear our minds and help us focus our thoughts. It does the body and soul good.

This isn't a new thought, many books are written on the subject I'm sure. In this season of my life, I definitely needed reminding of it. Now, while we're having our last hurrah before school and life catches back up to us, I can allow myself to breathe and absorb the peace and calm of the beach around me. I hope this week, you'll find a way to allow yourself to do the same.

That's all from me this week. As summer comes to a close, I hope you'll make time to recharge with some quiet before the noise starts back up again. God bless.

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